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Reviews for "Pre-Civilization Bronze A"

I like being in command, my every decision weighing the outcome. This version maybe seems a bit easier than the Stone Age version since I completed a wonder on my 1st attempt at Chieftain difficulty, not something I managed with the Stone Age version. Could be that I recall a good risk level, and need to grow.

You should feel fully encouraged to make the next version. Well, as soon as you feel up to including more goals, outcomes, tribal flavours; yes do so. This didn't seem to have more scope than the last version.

What if I wanted war. What if taking slaves instead of getting my population big on my own could be good. If slowing down my opponents could add more time. Sabotage, diplomacy, currency, the scope addition is as endless as history.

Excelent Gameplay and user experience, I would only ad more artwork and sprites.

Very fun, I love the idea and the upgrades.