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Reviews for "Dynapuff JUMP!"

Cute,but kinda hard for me. Not a bad game.

The mechanics feel artificial to me. The ridiculous amount of grinding involved to get maximum stats is dumb, the upgrades themselves defeat the purpose of speedruns in the beginning since you can just go back with higher stats later. Aesthetically it's nice and I like the upgrades and gameplay, but there's just no replay value to it unless you want to grind to get everything and THEN try to do speedruns. This game feels very commercialized, as if it's going through the motions of including upgrades and a currency system, when what it really needs is a mechanic that motivates the player.

good game but very hard

It's competently done, but here's the thing: You start out and immediately are thrown into a race with a bunch of other players, all of whom are BETTER THAN YOU.

It's a little disheartening.

No controls to speak of, weird mechanics, can't say I care for it.