Reviews for "Super Bunny World"

i like it c:

I personally adore this game the characters are adorable the one you play and enemies alike great sprite work ouo! Also I don't get why everyone else doesn't like the controls I found them rather simple as all platformers are a matter of reaction time so yeah....Also found it so cool how it changes it's level design each time you play. As well as the fact it has medals and keeps track of your best score as to give you incentive to keep playing! Nice work I hope to see more from you in the future maybe super bunny world 2? ouo

I love this game, Its cute and simple and I love the random layouts,
I keep seeing how far I can go

Not bad! The visuals are clean and cheerful (the reflection on the water is, in particular, a nice touch) and the music is appropriate and well-composed. The sound effects, although of good quality, sometimes cut out upon continuing from a game over.

The controls, although not as tight as the game you're imitating, are decent. You did a good job of recreating the basic gameplay of Super Mario Brothers, and the medals do a good job of giving the player something to aim for in an endless-run game. It seems you have to click NEAR the pause button instead of ON it when using the mouse, so although the inclusion of touch controls is a very impressive element, you may need to tighten up how they map to the screen.

The controls are so loose that it would take a ton of playing to get use to. Good plan but it effects the fun.