Reviews for "Rig - Epic Orchestra: Enhanced"

Nice song to listen to

This song is sick, very well put together. Love the strings and main melody. Good work.

Great Sound

Great sound, great quality, and great follow through on the production.

Rig responds:

Thank you!

sounds like you did well!

your a fine 20 yer old all i need is your pass word is it this****** or can you give meyour pass word so i can put music on your new grounds pg.


Rig responds:

No, you're not getting my password. :|


im gonna favorite this song cuz i might use it in a movie later if i do ill let you knoiw and by the way this is fucking sweet

Rig responds:

Thank you! Can't wait to see what you might come up with.

I love it.

The percussion, as someone else said, is unexpected but it's freakin' amazing. I love how it just starts off quite soft and as the song progresses more and more it starts becoming loud and awesome. It's very rarely I find a song I like as much as this one on newgrounds. I'd like to give a better review but I'm just taken aback by the epic that is contained in this song.

Rig responds:

Well, you can always PM me a better one. This one's just fine :)
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!