Reviews for "Rig - Epic Orchestra: Enhanced"


This is very nice!... Percussion was unexpected but very good and you know I would have benn quite happy for it to continue the whole way simiarly to how it was for the 1st 29 seconds ( it would relax me to sleep). I don't think it needed strings or somehow I don't think the to styles fit together seamlessly but this is still nearly a masterpiece (for want of a better word). And I have to disagree with you in one point, I think the name dosen't say the half of it (the music is much more than just an "epic orchestra").
I think the cellos could definately sound better in some parts though. Apart from small flaws throughout the piece 2:30 onward is gold, just a bit too loud.
Love the emotion.

Rig responds:

This was one of the first songs I ever made, actually. I chose the name 'cause I was tired - I finished it at 4 AM. :P
Thanks for the suggestions!

Reminds me of an Ace Attorney game I like it!


What an impressive display of precussion. although the loop gets really old, the precussion loop really impresses me. It sounds so right, even alone, in fact you never really tampered with it. I like it a lot!!!

now, the strings are really weak, i really could not see the strings and the precussion work together like the way you put them. now the bells were nice because they were moving and bouncing, but the string were static and its really stands out. the tempo that you set deserves a quicker and lighter melody than moving whole notes. which is why this song's best parts are when the strings, celo, violin, viola, ... stops and its a bell solo with the rythem. i enoyed the song overall.

same as genesis

what the hell?

its the same melody as genesis

thats bs

Rig responds:

Read the description of Genesis. reFX wanted an "Epic Orchestra" remix. That's why they sound similar, man.