Reviews for "Rig - Epic Orchestra: Enhanced"

Great Sound

Great sound, great quality, and great follow through on the production.

Rig responds:

Thank you!

sounds like you did well!

your a fine 20 yer old all i need is your pass word is it this****** or can you give meyour pass word so i can put music on your new grounds pg.


Rig responds:

No, you're not getting my password. :|


This song is brilliant, the orchestral parts just seem to blend perfectly together!
What do you use for the instruments?

Rig responds:

Edirol Orchestral and Sytrus. :D
Thanks for the review!


im gonna favorite this song cuz i might use it in a movie later if i do ill let you knoiw and by the way this is fucking sweet

Rig responds:

Thank you! Can't wait to see what you might come up with.


Nice song I love it.
Still sounds good today.
Took me a bit to realize your from splice I used to go
there a lot.

Rig responds:

Haha, awesome. I worked there for a while, actually.