Reviews for "Rig - Epic Orchestra: Enhanced"

Nice song to listen to

This song is sick, very well put together. Love the strings and main melody. Good work.


What an impressive display of precussion. although the loop gets really old, the precussion loop really impresses me. It sounds so right, even alone, in fact you never really tampered with it. I like it a lot!!!

now, the strings are really weak, i really could not see the strings and the precussion work together like the way you put them. now the bells were nice because they were moving and bouncing, but the string were static and its really stands out. the tempo that you set deserves a quicker and lighter melody than moving whole notes. which is why this song's best parts are when the strings, celo, violin, viola, ... stops and its a bell solo with the rythem. i enoyed the song overall.


I love orchestral pieces!
I play the violin, and I love little violin solos (maybe not solos, but when they play out a little bit more)
This song seems like there could be some sort of story behind it which I absolutely love. Great job!


This track... sounds so familiar... You wouldn't by any chance be Crodian would you?

This is very similar to his epic orchestra piece, however for the time being I shall assume that you are indeed Crodian as it seems he stopped submitting the same day you submitted this.

If that is the case, I found you again Crodian!

In any case, i've already told you about how I felt that percussional work was so original, really it was damn entertaining.

I think after the breakdown, and that RIPPING french horn came in, that was really something else to experience! It gave it so much more epic, so much more power. However I also felt this section was too full, too much going on, the strings that came in later (or could be very high pitched horns, not sure), overpowered nearly everything, instruments were GRABBING for space to present their melodies, and it became hard to listen to.

I think removing a layer near the end would have made the piece much more hearable, the new string and french horn addition would have been ample to cover for the replaced instruments.

All in all, great stuff, this is still one of my favourites. 5/5 for you.