Reviews for "Rig - Epic Orchestra: Enhanced"

I LOVE this so much!

This is so amazing! Emotional.
*I can enjoy this for a whole day, almost non-stop.*
The same with the remake Genesis!

I would give a 10, but 10 is so overrated :P

I thought this was better than the highest ranking song you have - Interlude. It has a repeat-song potential. I like to look for ambient songs that are good to hear when you want to enjoy it by itself, or put as a comfortable bg music when studying.

Rig responds:

Then you might like Monastery, Raining Grey (it's a long loop), Genesis, Progress, Organic Loop (sample from an upcoming song), Nebula...

Thanks for the underrated review!


Nice song I love it.
Still sounds good today.
Took me a bit to realize your from splice I used to go
there a lot.

Rig responds:

Haha, awesome. I worked there for a while, actually.

same as genesis

what the hell?

its the same melody as genesis

thats bs

Rig responds:

Read the description of Genesis. reFX wanted an "Epic Orchestra" remix. That's why they sound similar, man.

I love it.

The percussion, as someone else said, is unexpected but it's freakin' amazing. I love how it just starts off quite soft and as the song progresses more and more it starts becoming loud and awesome. It's very rarely I find a song I like as much as this one on newgrounds. I'd like to give a better review but I'm just taken aback by the epic that is contained in this song.

Rig responds:

Well, you can always PM me a better one. This one's just fine :)
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!