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Reviews for "HoM"

amazing game that captures the demons souls feeling... :D
altho getting past the first 3 mobs might be hard as hell at first once u get the hang of it its actually pretty easy... and then u effing trow 2 mobs at once XD such demons souls...
o are you getting cocky? well lets trow more shit at you then... see how well you do now I LOVE IT!!!

WoofyGames responds:

I introduce the first 3 mobs one by one so you can analyze them before getting gangbanged by 2 at once later on :P

tx for the review glad to see a Souls fan enjoyed this!

esta tuco el juego

SUPER ADDICTIVE...got on hour 2 after voting....controls took some getting used but this shows promise....keep up the good work!

WoofyGames responds:

good to see that some people really enjoy it, tx for the review!

Well this is far better than I thought it would be. Above par. A good start. Please continue to make this a masterpiece.

the game shows promises and i will hold it close to my heart that it is a demo and i will send this through and i look forward to the full release as i can tell looking at the audio and music collection you did in fact try you damnedest and i like i said before i look forward to the full game

WoofyGames responds:

that's good to know, tx for the review!