Reviews for "Monster hunter Duramboros"

Haha, the way things are going I'm surprised they even try! Nicely animated, nice tribal music in the background, nice entertainment even for those who haven't played the real thing. Wonder if the sound effects are from the actual game? Keep up the great work!


NCH responds:

sounds a mix bag of actual sounds from game to stock sounds

I love your animations!

This cartoon was a lot of fun! I can't help but think that's a pokemon. I just automatically think any fantasy creature is one of those. They have hundreds of them nowadays! I really do appreciate how good the animation is. The cats are especially cute.

It's great to see how lighthearted this is. The cartoon violence is pretty nice. Yeah, it's weird to describe violence as nice. It still has a nice tone to it. It works quite well.

Cool! I've seen the tail-whirl attack before.

I wish your screens were bigger. The animation and art style is just perfect though.