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Reviews for "Monster hunter Duramboros"

Love it, it makes me think back to all my Duramboros hunts where i got Wrecked by his Tail Whip xD
Great Job man.

As a huge MH fan that has well over 600 hours logged into my MH3U file alone, I LOVE your videos. I only wish you could do more, but greatness like this can't be rushed. To those who say "oh you shouldn't do animations for something with such a small demographic" I wish I didn't have to listen to your opinion. The whole point of the internet is to exchange ideas (Which includes content not suitable for 99% of the population). Keep up the good work man!

NCH responds:

thanks! it is indeed a delima for me as I'm just a freelance artist living in singapore, being among the cities with the highest cost of living, think we top New york at one point of time for being the most expensive city/country to live in.

that is why its so much risk to put in for people like me to go into this full time, that is why I can never be able to dedicate my time into such content with the fear that I may not earn enough off it to survive in this country.

But thanks alot for the support. I am still intending to continue, but only at my own pace and time as I still don't really see the indy animatior path a feasible route at the moment for my given situation.

Your monhan videos are lovely as always but the small voice sounds for the humans were pretty weird, did you use grunts from the game? Only the chatboxes like you did on the first videos added charm and a bit of joke to it.

NCH responds:

well its a mix bag, this round I think errorcell wanted to try to voice them so I just let him try it out

I must go, my people need me.

love it