Reviews for "Copyright Infringement"


the good:
it was random humour and some of it was quite funny.

the bad:
some of the images were streched, most of the text was moving much too fast over the screen, the little animations were bad and the whole thing was pointless.

the ugly:
ok, it's quite and old flash, but i think even back then this flash wasn't that great. try to improve on your animation skills at least.


Pretty funny for an old'un


The waz just some random stuffput thougther. That wazn't good to me.

Copyright Infringement

Heh i didnt like this flash at all but i watched all of it. I liked it for 1 reason all the people i hate are in here like bill gates he should stay in jail and i love it when u blew up the teletubbies! Good job :)

Poor Sound

This really sucks but i liked it a little becasue it was about bill gates and more people :)