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Reviews for "Time Experiment"

I LOVE games where time is involved... especially this case in which the pause makes you blur the screen, this has been awesomely executed... the only reason it's 4 stars is because the controlls don't feel tight whatsoever... i know that's not the main reason you made the game, but the tightness of your movement is part of the game seeing how you have to move over platforms and etc... love it... 4 stars on the review and 5 stars on the submission

RodKis responds:

Thanks for the nice review. The next part I want to make a real adventure with lots of enemies. It's like training levels.

This game was just okay. For some reason, the main character kind of looked like Cornholio. I guess it was just the jacket. It does have pretty upbeat music. What was strange was how the game really was. It seems like most of the time I just got lucky finding out the right thing to do.

I wish it was not like that. I guess it does have a pretty adventurous style. It's pretty unique. The text images were done very poorly though. It was just something easily typed.

why she move so slow?timer and sound are okay but she really move so slow

Interesting concept.... But the beginning levels are too bland and easy. Though, I give you points for including a tutorial. The cloning control is a little buggy but otherwise, things seems fine.

I like the concept. It's interesting and reminds me of braid! However, the movement feels kind of bad...