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Reviews for "Time Experiment"

Great effect when you stop time, love this blur! Also like that you have much time to waste and not have a fast draining timepower bar. Clever puzzles, awkward movements, uneven level design.
But what really kills it for me is the slooooooooooow speed of this guy.
Definetly needs a speed up button.

RodKis responds:

Yes, the hero is moving slowly on some browsers. Need to update the engine.

Game concept is quite interesting, but game play gets rather complicated when there're more than one switches to press.

Animated movements look a little confusing when you've to control more than one selves.

I like it. Though in reality you should constantly be seeing yourself which would influence your actions and change the past regardless.

But it's better thought out than most time games I've played. Very fun.

Level 10 glitched out on me: http://oi58.tinypic.com/2v8piys.jpg

This game is so difficult and convoluted. Congrats on stumping even me. I had to quit once I got the level 20 and the game started saying "don't change the past." Now I have no idea what to do. How do I not change the past?

Meh. I've played better time-fucks.