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Reviews for "Tightrope Theatre"

You can just walk a little bit to the right in act 15 then fall from the platform and complete the act, music is repetitive, art is awesome, cool stuff

Dude, this is seriously the best thing at Ludum Dare I have ever played before! It was just wonderful to be able to weave in and out of everything. Sometimes you just had to be lucky. Of course, most of the time it was timing. The graphics were just really cute. I can still tell this was made in a short time.

The music is wonderful. I really did get the spirit of tightrope walking in this! It's nice to have a lot going on. I just got happy seeing that clown succeed at the end of every level. It really is a happy game. This is my favorite Ludum Dare thing ever!

nice simple decent game. my main complaint is just that the curtains were kind of annoying-- understandable for when the next level is loading but when you die it would be nice to just reappear at the starting point

Just hard enough to keep slugging at it! Controls were what you'd expect from a unicycle, from movement, to the slightly bouncy, roundness of the tire. Excellent submission, from a competent, longtime author :)

that was easy finished it in 12 mins thanks :) also well made and 5/5