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Reviews for "Tightrope Theatre"

This game is fantastic. And made in under 48 hours? Holy crap!

The controls felt just right for being on a unicycle in a game. Maybe on the side of easy, but considering the amount of obstacles, I think you struck the perfect balance. At level 17 I had to quit for a day because I was losing my patience, and only completed the game the next day. Also, I think it would be great if you added bonus levels that were even harder.

Addictive to death. Haven't had that much fun dying since Hotline Miami. All the levels were fine tuned with the timing of platforms, cannons, and fireballs to become a game more hectic then it sounds. A great short game that can be replayed or tried again for those who didn't finish. Music is annoying after dying so many time though.

I think I am the only one who doesn't complete level 24. Because of this, I cried for an hour

It's not my fault hard things automatically get on my bad side. I actually love this game!

thanks for the game :)