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Reviews for "Tightrope Theatre"

Game is pretty solid. Worked well and progressed nicely.

Really fucking good, only thing I'd complain about is that I'd forget the golden bars on each side of the stage weren't walls and I'd jump right off thinking I could lean against them. Maybe make it more clear somehow that it isn't a solid wall?

Nice game and not too difficult :)

Yeah yeah, good game and everything, challenging experience and all that, but this game doesn't follow the Ludum Dare 31 theme. The entire game isn't on one screen, it's just like any other puzzle/platformer game on this website. Multiple screens and multiple levels.

AdventureIslands responds:

I tried to use the theater aesthetics/curtain to simulate all levels being on the same screen. Single show stage, only props change. How well it works is open for debate.

Personally, I feel I should have made it look more like there is actual construction going on behind the curtain, it could shake, dust clouds could fly from under it, there could be construction noises. Alas, I didn't have the time to do all that.

Tigthrope Theater has everything you need to make a good name. Most importantly, I sincerely wish that all game makers trying to make an appeal to my retro-nostalgia were that good at making 16bit-style graphics. I can hardly find any points of criticism, it doesn't even make sense to complain about the number of levels, which is too low for my taste but still quite impressive, considering the fact that you had only 48 hours to complete the game. I'll certainly try your other games when I have times, and a big 'thank you' for this one.