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Reviews for "Tightrope Theatre"

Just hard enough to keep slugging at it! Controls were what you'd expect from a unicycle, from movement, to the slightly bouncy, roundness of the tire. Excellent submission, from a competent, longtime author :)

Nice little Ludum Dare entry, it entertained me quite a bit.

The music is great, I love the intrincate video game-styled, but circus-themed songs, and the graphics, although pixelated, show that some work has been put into them (given the time constraints of the Ludum Dare challenge, the graphics are pretty nice).

The gameplay is a platformer where all levels consist of a single screen (fitting the LD31 theme), and the player is an adorable little clown on a monocycle. The platforming mechanics in this game are interesting, since they are slightly different from usual, since hitting a directional button will only change the monocycle's speed a little bit rather than actually making the character move at a constant speed, and inertia makes it so the character continues moving at constant speed if you don't touch the directionals.

This movement mechanic is what the challenge of the game is built around, with ever trickier stages being thrown at the player the more you advance, making it so that you have to master the balance of speed and inertia to reach the goal. The stages feature a myriad of obstacles, such as spikes, flames, barrels and many others, and they get narrower and harder the more you progress without ever getting too frustrating or unfeasible.

Overall, pretty nice work. Obviously, it's too short, but that's to be expected of a Ludum Dare entry.

Well done, good work, especially for the time constraints. I really enjoyed it, great difficulty progression, takes a few minutes to learn how to play but once you do you can easily beat the first few levels then you have to get better with the harder levels that follow. Great level design 5/5.
My only suggestion would be to make the transition faster.

What a nice game! I figured it was made by the same people as Heart Star! For a 48h game, this is wonderful! The large pixel art is flawless and smooth, and though people say graphics aren't everything, I feel this game was perfectly suited for them. The only hard part to this game was that it was like a constant "ice level"- the jumping was easy, but staying on was hard! But it wasn't too challenging, and all medals are easy :)

nice simple decent game. my main complaint is just that the curtains were kind of annoying-- understandable for when the next level is loading but when you die it would be nice to just reappear at the starting point