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Reviews for "Tightrope Theatre"

lvl1=tutorial:"use the arrow keys to move now thats all have fun!" me:":D i get to play so quickly!"

Taking into account that is was a game made in 48 hours and required to be on one screen, the game is absolutely amazing.

The game is fun. Adventure Islands really knows how to do platform games, but I can't shake the feeling that it kind of cheats the idea of having all the game in single screen

Finally got to complete this game! Really fun yet challenging platformer! Especially enjoyed the music, definitely has that circus feeling to it.

Only issue is the movement, it feels rather floaty because there is no drag, but then again you are on a unicycle. Love your work!

Pretty easy to me, but again, this WAS made in under 48 hours, so its pretty good.

I counted how many times I was burnt to a crisp on the last level, and even with my amazing platforming skills, (I beat champions road In super Mario 3d world on my first try lol) I was burned 8 times! EIGHT TIMES! I cant get enough of your games. This is my 2nd favourite newgrounds game, 1 being another one of your games. (heart star) Definetly worth trying if you need a challenge! 4.5/5.