Reviews for "Hyper Wall"

Good game bro :D

Better Than Drugs.

Unique game, I like it. Unlocking all of the medals is going to be a challenge.

got a score of 5404, got no medals. other than that amazingly fun and addictive game. intense and pretty graphics and sound

SinclairStrange responds:

You got a medal, the pop-up doesn't happen as it would of been too much on the screen. If ye check ye medals then you did unlock the first one :D I'm glad ye like the game :3

Another classic from SinclairStrange. As with other SinclairStrange games, extremely well-made and genuinely a real challenge if you want to get all the medals.

Gameplay exactly as it should be. While I'm not generally a fan of mouse games, if you're going to make a mouse game, this is how you do it. Notice how everything runs smoothly and you aren't lagging all over the place like in other people's mouse games.

Simple design but simple is fine. Very arcade feel and that's exactly what you were going for. Color palette rotation effect is cool too.

Enjoyable music and digitized voice.