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Reviews for "CaGe - Casual Genocide"

I can see only a black screen...I can't play the game and even refreshing the tab several times won't work.

SadCatStudio responds:

Hi mate! What OS/Browser are you using? Try running the game in Chrome and please send me a PM. We'll have look and figure this out :)

I was surprised at how addictive this game was! It is just the same thing over and over, but it's fun! I think it was too fast for my computer. It was certainly well paced. I couldn't tell if the faces were based on anything. I think I saw Justin Bieber and/or Mao Zedong in there.

Mao is the kind of genocide. A lot of people forget that. The music is quite nice too. It took awhile for the medals to appear. It's still a wonderful game.

SadCatStudio responds:

Thank you Ericho! :D
About JB and the rest - not wanting my ass to get sued so I you know the drill - I won't confirm and I won't decline hehe :)

Seems like it might be okay. But It's pretty unplayable for me right now.
Please add an option to disable the cursor because it's causing severe lag for me on my computer. If I could play I might rate this higher.

Overall good feel though, nice atmosphere. The title screen was neat.

SadCatStudio responds:

This is very RavenDX. The game was tested under hardcore conditions. Literally my wife's laptop (11 years old HP, with cluttered WinXp and Firefox) at it run okey.
RavenXD - can you PM me with your mainframe specs? You know, the usual - operating system, browser of choice, CPU and GPU name. We'll figure it out, whats cousing that lag.
Sorry for typos if i made any - i just woke up ^^


The 1000 blows medal is broken.