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Reviews for "Jerbal Space Program"

to be honest i like the music more but good work xD

Never got patient enough to really figure out the quick start mode unfortunately. ):

Tried just listening to the music as I slowly went through space at 8 m/s on a spare monitor. Shifted through what I guess to be multiple planet's gravitational fields even when close to other planets for no apparent reason. Now over 10,000 meters altitude and counting from something I imagine.

10/10 would listen to again.

tritlo responds:

Try rendering the orbit. If you just see two circles, one red and one yellow, you've reached escape velocity!

But thanks for the review!

Kerbal Space Program: Newgrounds edition!

The music was amazing, may I ask what song this is and who played it?

tritlo responds:

It's Clair De Lune, by Debussy. It's played by Caela Harrison. The files can be found here: https://archive.org/details/ClairDeLunedebussy

Its not loading on google chrome :(