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Reviews for "How Flowers Are Made"


The sound effects leave much to be desired, and it could stand to have a little bit of coherent background music, but the concept was good and the art and animation were pretty good too.

Yeah that's pretty much how it goes, but arent the female bees the ones that do the pollination? wait, and the females are also the ones with the stinger...

Oh man, "his" dad is a transvestite! and is deceiving her family which is also an all female colony, but reproduced using a swingers meeting back in 2013!! and the Queen only has 1 young working bee to do the chores around the comb. So how is the Queen mating? she never stopped going to those swingers meetings!

Hey so this wasn't bad. The animation and design shows promise for sure. The voice actor was even good, but the dialogue/story itself was pretty bad. It could've been better. Make more stuff though, you have great potential. Maybe work with a writer next time that has a good story, beginning middle and end or some kind of pay off.

coruptedGames responds:

Ha sorry, main reason is because the project was super rushed as it was for an assignment so I mainly just focused on the animation in the end.