Reviews for "Super Smash Bros - Openin"

Good grod, Link's got a minor chest.
The lip sync was great and the animation was smooth. Good work

poor waluigi he's always left out, he's my fav. when it comes to Mario party.

Super mario shouldn't be killing dk but I loved how you used the audio from dk64.

I hate the "Adrian" reference. Everyone should stop. Its overrated. The reference, not the movie. The movie's alright.

I saw peter in the back!

HagenWolfhowl responds:

Lolz, I did not know that, maybe just in USA :o

The end twist cracks me up every single time, guaranteed. Thanks for including me on this, and like I told you those other actors killed it. Stoked for what comes next.

HagenWolfhowl responds:

Thanks, mayne :D

I liked it