Reviews for "Last Town"

Many games start to bore me quickly, but not this game :) cool story aswell

Everything about this game is awesome.

Storyline, graphics, sounds, game play, characters, upgrades, enemies... Difficulty progression can be very challenging, but still in the fair zone.

I also like how at to points of the story you must decide who will remain the team.

Very good game. Also, I knew all the time the powerful team would turn up being the farmers, because of the apple trees haha

Thanks for this.

kept me entertained the hole time playing but I also like tower defense games.. if however you like story the story is pretty straight forward with some twists I recommend to anyone who enjoys games.

Remember that it saves to cookies. If you want to avoid losing your save. Don't delete the cookies.

Awesome game ^_^ Love games like these, with such a cool art style, addictive concept and also some achievements to be won. It was a bit challenging at times, but towards the end it got more relaxing.
I really enjoyed that, stayed happy all the way through it :)