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Reviews for "Last Town"

It's a great game but I need help with day 10 it's freakin hard xD

This is a great game. I spent a few nights in a row playing until I could (finally, -phew-) beat it.

The strategy and depth of the game is very commendable. Nice choices in team members, the appreciated factor of being able to choose your own mayor, feeling as though the choices you were making mattered. All good things, and the detail in the evolution of the game is, to me, amazing.

After I got past stage 10 I thought nothing would surprise me. But then I discovered that there were yet choices to make, team members to lose(!), and what with the way the story ended... I felt satisfied at completion of the game.

All in all, I didn't want to stop playing until I was able to conquer it. That's the sign of a good game in my opinion, that you just keep wanting to play despite the difficulty AND bugs-which btw I enjoyed; the bugs made it even more fun.

For the experience then of a fun and innovative game, my 5 stars are well-spent.

Keep it up, and maybe do a little more bug-testing beforehand to ensure that your game is experienced at its best. Well done.

Easily THE BEST game in newgrounds , classic defense system , but with more story , better upgrades ! Amazing job !

This game is freaking awesome I Love it !

that was the best defense game i've played yet!