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Reviews for "Last Town"

It's really amazing how a little bit of charm and creativeness with the story, combined with a relatively simple game can create something outstanding.


This tower-defense-type game stands out due to several things:
Cutesy-charm - charming graphics that are cute to look at, despite the undead-gibbing going on. It takes a turn for the horrific when it comes to the final battle, but only when you're introspective. A typical "don't-care-about-aesthetics" sort of gamer will probably not even notice.

Plot - and more forgiving than most excuse plots (many don't even have plots at all!). The plot also gives you a choice, affecting what happens in the story in a meaningful way. Too bad the game gives you the choice that results in the town advisor leaving very late in the game.

Well-designed units - Many units don't truly become obsolete, there are many ways to conquer the enemy, and certain plot decisions reduces your unit pool, giving way for more strategic thinking. For example, Archers have more damage (and arguably better un-upgraded range) than Javelinners, but Javelinners have an arguably more useful ability (knocking back enemies).

Stages - stages are randomly-generated for every try, so the game actually makes you think about strategy on the fly, instead of memorizing a pattern.

There's really only one thing that I think needs work: Farmers are severely Overpowered. They are very tanky, allows your army to grow faster and once-upgraded, have very respectable range. The hardest part of the game is when they aren't available, and after that, they just steamroll everything.

Killed 2 hours, I'd love to play more games like this.

One of the best games i played in a long time

Reminds me of a certain game, Kingdom Rush I think? This took me two days to finish, since it I had to wait three days for the others to come back. I kept dying but the awesome part of the whole failing thing was that I kept racking up gems and coins, just wow. I see what everyone means that the Farmers are OP, they are I guess, since their dirt cheap and tough. The group that I decided to remain was the Blacksmith, Javelineer, {I think that's how its spelled} and the Engineer. The Blacksmith is perfect to make everyone else faster for a short time, the Javelineer {You know} awesome cause he pushes back an enemy along with some others all the way back to the beginning. The Engineer has one purpose, the walls. Upgraded those to the max and they saved me a bunch of times. The damage they do to enemies isn't high, but it does hurt them enough to let me place a Farmer. I kept using a bunch of formations, but the best one I found was setting everyone up by the very front, 2 by 2 on the squares, then eventually filling up every spare spot on the front with anyone I can place. The walls should be put behind the tombstones so to stop the enemies from going anywhere, they usually take enough damage from the wall they just die. This game did get a bit boring, but I just went along with it. The Cleric I found the most useless. Also, do NOT {Unless you have a death wish} choose the option "What were you discussing with the witch?" Or something like that, he will just leave you without trading for that one time. I hope for a Lost Town 2.

Excellent game, friend!!!