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Reviews for "Last Town"

Click apple-> click empty tile-> a tree will be planted by farmer whom gives you apples. Touch apples to receive some apples :D

Great game epace !

Funny game. I'm glad the advisor ended the way he did, had he listen to the Mayor none of this would have happend.

Best tower defense game I've played in a while! The story was engaging, music was great, graphics were very likable, and the choice system really made the panic that much more exciting. The fact that I upgraded certain characters only to get them taken away really wrenched at my heart. I would definitely play again and will look out for sequels or whatever else they decide to put out.

Eucalyptus Essence has no description. Great game. I'm not sure how much influence decisions made have on gameplay, but I love the fact that choices you make regarding characters, affect which units you can use in combat. Well done.