Reviews for "Last Town"

Pretty good, if short. I would have enjoyed more of the story affecting what happened in the game, and a speed up button, but it's a cool tower defense plants vs zombies type game

I love games for their stories, formost. I love how this game had a branching story with choices affecting the future and current situations--though a good improvement would be a speed up timer of sorts (which seems the current norm in TD games).

Great Game But Fuck that Mayor Aid His is a Dick I said we we kill her the mayor word is law but if you say she live he fight you on it

Played the whole thing in one sitting.

Actually lost the game a few times due to random placement.

Soldiers feel unbalanced-some (like the Engineer) actually seem pointless when you consider the final boss can just grab anyone in the screen.

What kept me playing was the storyline-I hope you focus on that more. I was even expecting multiple endings with the way it was going.

I Just wanted to know if there are different storylines based on our actions? If there are plz anyone.. please tell/PM me about it.. I'd be really grateful.