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Reviews for "Last Town"

Best game in a while so in the practice of not being stingy, someone has to get 5 stars even though I might find stuff to complain about if I start trying to playtest.

Good game but could do with a fast forward button on waves as zombies are slow.

last town sound great first one i click on and the noise with it sound bad ass it rating now 3 and 1/2 stars must be good for a new game... hard it good to play when bord.... i do love the joke i use it to get stains out of my robs nice love it.. and that saying a lot i do not like that my people i bide to help look like me.. but nothing to say you cant work a little harder and it was great work

p.s my review dose not mean to hinder you it to help improve your skills as a crater.

While I mostly enjoyed this game, the fact that enemies could literally shoot from the backpart of the lane annoyed me. Considering the limited range of the townsfolk, having three mages snipe your cleric from across the entire map was not fun.

Plenty of potential on this game, which on its current form is enjoyable but several bugs do cripple the experience. Overall, the whole presentation was pleasant and didn't feel particularly repetitive, with (most) upgrades working as intended and with plenty of path options to follow, which adds to the replayability.

Regarding bugs, the stock apple regen randomly stops working at the beginning of any given level, similar to how the healer mayor does not apply the hp regen correctly. The cleric's area of effect heal does not work at all (oddly, the javelineer seems to be the only unit affected, also randomly), as well as the assassin's shadow assassinate skill set upgrades don't seem to be behaving as expected as target number is incorrect.

About possible improvements, like many others have said already, having an in-game (not just on cutscenes) fast forward button (ideally configurable keyboard hotkey alongside mouse control) would speed things along since some undead combinations do slow down the pace a bit, even if not by much. Still on the hotkey matter, having hotkeys for both units and special abilities (again, ideally configurable) would be a very welcome addition.
Considering there are multiple dialog options, it would be nice to feel repercussions both throughout the game (there are already some but just barely) as well as alternate endings.

I'll say it again that the game has plenty of potential but the bugs I've experienced did break the experience more than I expected, even if I did do two run throughts. Having an updated version with some bugfixes would be awesome. I would like to rate the game higher but the bugs present, particularly the apple regen bug that's also linked to a passive buff that the player can spend up to 5 gems, is a bit gamebreaking for anyone who plans on playing on constant difficulty.

All in all, congrats on the game, I'm hoping to see it fixed and looking forward to more games from you.