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Reviews for "Last Town"

The story seems funny and the game is fun, but when the apple regeneration just stops, it makes this game hard. With only 200 apples from the beginning, I could only summon about 4 useful people and then they would just get annihilated. Is it suppose to only regenerate apples every now and then, or is it constant? You never know, which aggravates me because i can not save up apples to get summon new people which causes me to lose the game.
And as for the "slightly reduce difficulty" I see no changes. In fact, the zombies seem to be even faster and stronger. don't know if that is just me, but still. Only giving three stars because the two things i talked about each knock down a star. Maybe once bugs are fixed, this game would be good enough to go up to five stars.

-the Skills are charged by attacking enemies...... so you need to have farmers attacking or else you won't have a good apple income.
-the final Cleric upgrade has no description.
-why is everyone squishier than the farmer?
-there were a few battles where you aren't allowed to Dig for treasure
-would be nice to have something to list stats of everyone

I enjoyed the game, and all the different story choices. There were a few parts where the battle was challenging, but all in all a great job.
The medals work, and I earned them all.

It was fun, beat it and felt like it wasnt a waste. Got a few suggestions for number two.
1: hot key 1-0 for people and Q-P for skills.
2: a charge meter to know when skill are set up
3: Sand box mode
4: Ability to choose who goes and stays, not a random group.
5: Ability to kill that damn "advisory" at day three. (Disobey once, shame on you... twice, Burn em at the stake.)

Nice design , nice games too , kind of realistic games but it was grindy for me