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Reviews for "Last Town"

i LOVE the game and i like that you can make (choices) but whe n i wanted for the witch to be on my team the FRIKIN DOUCHE SHOT HER!!!!! AARRGGGHHH!!!! anyway 5/5

A good defense game with lots of thought gone into the details such as being able to have three file saves at any one time, options to pick a new unit at the ends of levels and a fitting, if slightly Cliché soundtrack. The best aspect of the game in my opinion is the visuals, a charming, medieval cartoon style that's only let down by the speech bubbles which are futuristic feeling and doesn't fit with the rest of the graphics.

My major concern for the game is that after only a few levels I was starting to get bored. I believe this could be mended with a simple fast forward button as I was finding myself just sat waiting for the majority of my gameplay, it needs an increase in speed.

Really, there are a large number of pluses to this game; Upgrades, plentiful and great, NG medals, could do with more but always good to have some and it's visually appealing. It's almost like it wasn't beta tested enough for somebody to notice that it desperately needs that fast forward button, it's just too slow paced to have kept my interest.

Too much time spent on the little extras that a big mistake got through.

Its a great stragey game and its also has a adventure to it at all. Hope there a next one.

Awesome game. Plays well. I like the variety in units, and the splits were cool because it forced me to branch out my upgrades. One thing that annoyed me though was that you lose the Cleric in the end no matter what. Put a lot of points in Cleric and a lot of my strategy was based on them. However, it did force me to rethink my strategy and redirect points to up health and defense. Overall I really liked it. Wish it was longer, or had an endless mode. A way to sell or simply remove units would be nice as well. Also, there is no description for the last Cleric upgrade. Is that a glitch or does it actually do nothing?

Cool music. Reminds me of Sonny a bit.

I wish there was a way to sell units for a percent of the original apples back. I was one enemy away from finishing a level I'd struggled several times over to do, I had a unit left but they were too far away to reach the enemy as they broke down a wall. Being able to sell and buy another would've given me the last little amount of apples needed to put another unit down and win.