Reviews for "Come n' Get It"

OH MY GOD this is so beautiful. i both hated and loved this dude.

:I :o?! :O!!!

I'm sure plenty of us have had chicks like this that we run as fast as we can to get away from but they just won't go away and are somehow always keeping pace no matter how fast we run lol.

i think the crown is getting out of hand D:

I really love what you did with this. The design is well thought-out and continues the style of the mask. The lighting and shading are very, very well-done. With the background, the general doll-ish-ness of the character, and the creepiness of Phanto in general, it's really creepy and I wouldn't have it any other way. P.S. What were some of the art tricks you learned? I'm curious.

PajamaHam responds:

Thanks, I put a good amount of time working out her design, looked at Mario 2 as a whole to draw inspiration. As for art tricks, this is the first piece I've ever used Gradient Maps on. As well as working in separate layers while working out the shading before a merging, it makes for much cleaner lighting in general. As well as properly practicing my grayscale checks after and during the application of color. Also rim lights... lots of rim lighting. It was a nice learning experience