Reviews for "The Politician."

The vicious cycle of politics! Maybe slightly exagerated background violence, but it gets the point across! Animation was great, cartoony and fluid, the cries of violence like white noise in the background (also suitable since the character didn't seem to hear them) and that patch of blood what seems to be the beginning and end and new beginning of this vicious worldly cycle. Nice work!


Ex-Poser responds:

Thanks for the constructive feedback cd. You did figure out the theme revolving around the cycle of politics. That blood splat at the end however, revolves around the concept of past rulers and the "death" of their career. Also, when I have the politician fade away, it means that people forget him in the pool of other members of politics (the blood).


Awesome animation! The art is fantastic, the music went with it perfectly, and The story was very unique and interesting. Well Done!

Good gravy that's a bad part of town

Nice, fluid animation! Though I felt it could've ended after he puts the money in and then takes a stroll through the neighborhood. It would've made the story more precise in my opinion. My fav was the cutscenes and transitions. Can't wait for more.

Ex-Poser responds:

Yeah I wanted to end the animation in an entirely different way, probably ending with a huge explosion that destroys everything, however the dead line for the assignment was coming faster than I could animate. One thing I didn't mention was I remastered the details in the politicians facial and bodily looks.
So, I wanted to go back over it and change the end entirely, but. Meh.