Reviews for "The Politician."

It was so awesome and symbolic I loved all seconds of it lol

I... CAN... ONLY....... SE...E-E..... WAR....- WARDEN

Great animation and a good idea, 5/5 :)

Wow. The wacky toon style used in a very powerfull metaphor. That was rich, man!
Really rich

"This animation doesn't really have any significance for myself, seeing as it was created forcibly for an art project. But I hope people who have anti-political views can draw at least something from this animation." I agree, this animation wasn't very significant.

Ex-Poser responds:

That's fine, I'm not forcing any ideas or life altering mind changes. I agree this animation isn't for everyone, seeing as this isn't an extreme, professional project, but it's nice seeing people squeeze as much symbolism and meaning from a simple animation. Thanks for the comment, however I would like to know why you think that for future reference on upcoming projects.