Reviews for "The Politician."

wow i feel sad but anyways its pretty much america police brutality taking from the poor and giving to the rich reverse robin hood basicly

that was just weird, and understandable.

I didn't understand anything. I can't see where there is controversy or denunciation in this video. The end is meaningless.

Ex-Poser responds:

Yeah, many people I showed offline didn't really understand anything until I took the time to explain it all in depth. I guess it really boils down to what you think and feel, which was my aim when creating it. I wanted people to get different ideas, or create their own, and when looking through all the other comments I can see that people gain a bit more than I intended, something entirely different, or at times an idea that is a little intense (some a little more intense than others). So, really, I understand where you're coming from and it's all good that you feel that way. Just keep in mind this animation comes under the theme of duality and uses a lot of symbolism, so it may get cloudy, unclear or deep at times.

at the end i thought he was dying cause he was bleeding and i don't how you smile while you die

Excellent job! Definitely has a little bit of a superjail feel to it. Overall I enjoyed it.. so much that I watched it 3 times in a row lol. Keep up the good work... If you ever want to collobarate on a cartoon hit me up anytime!