Reviews for "The Politician."

And a perfect politician is just a figment of our imagination. Great work!

The last part doesn't happen.
could of added more.

short, unsophisticated, BUT the message comes through without being depressing.

Great one! Although it's said before, Superjail-wise idea and shape are used in the right way, IMHO. The immortality of polititians (which is sad) is shown unexpectedly good. I only remove 0.5 because of .jpg and unmatching colours.

Ex-Poser responds:

Thanks for the comment. As an animator it's clear that I've seen and love superjail. Even before I created this piece Iwrote up how relevant and meaningful it was. (Seeing as the warden is as evil as he is innocent, which was perfect for duality).
On a whole, I couldn't resist not having the politician and another one of my upcoming characters in a suit and tux because it sort of matched that insanity the warden had. That was pretty much my inspiration to create this. The violence on the other hand wasn't superjail inspired, surprisingly. If you ever get the chance, type up "HorrorShow- nice guys finish last music video". The side scrolling action was mostly taken from that. And, superjail! season four only had six episodes which sort of really sucked!

On the way out, on the way in the never ending cycle of hell looping. However there is a thing as a career politician. Then again this could be the poster child for term limits.
You get five stars for pulling off the super jail theme so very well.