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Reviews for "Yurius's House of Spooks"

A short and easy adventure game with too random and eclectic plot and over the top cartoonishness.

HINT: To get the Butterfly Hunt medal, use the butterfly net on Crazy Yurius before using it on the bloody water in the bathtub.

So you made a sequel to SNOWDAY! starring Uncle Vova? Cool! It's a pretty good game nonetheless. Pretty fun to play too. Also, I'm curious as to why Dr. Yurius is somewhat obsessed with vampires. His place has bloody spots all over it. He a vampire in the attic. He even has a painting of a vampire as well. Was his great great grandfather Theodore a vampire? That would explain a lot about Yurius.

DeathTiger0 games are always short, but fun (and not always simple though, to be frank).

Good game!

Nice game i like all the creepy pictures and the tub full of blood was a nice touch