Reviews for "Bloodthirsty"

I have no idea what problem "hunting prey" has with this, I guess the doofus has never been in combat before and does not understand her head is more than likely in a leaning in a forward position towards her target. This is truly a masterpiece of warfare, also it kinds reminds me of me beloved Sabrina, I know I am a lucky bastard.

In closing my only suggestion is to make her face smaller by a 6th of it's size. In closing I love your work!

she has no neck...

Blood stained fury. Clashing of metal against sinew and bone. Once gleaming, now soiled. Once whole, now shattered. A sick but necessary realization.

very nice work!
if something captures the essence of the medieval battlefield, this is it.
it has the motion, the emotion, the blood and the action.
nice face expressions on both the warrior woman, and on the solider(s) that she has attacked...
good work sir!
do more!

Wow, this image truly captures the valor of battle. Well done! 5 full stars from this gentleman.