Reviews for "Bloodthirsty"


Looks fantastic. I could only hope to achieve that level of detail in my work.
Only thing that I might question is that her head looks a little too big and doesn't seems to have a neck, and while most likey just a perspective issue with her lunging forward just seems a little off. Great work though. all of it.

AlvinHew responds:

Cool, will shrink down her head and update later. Thanks for your review.


This is some epic artworkz, but without any neck definition her head looks a bit out of place, and she has no head armor- a BIG weakness.

Colors are vibrant, shading is great and the scenery is perfect.
Nice textures on the sword and armor too!

AlvinHew responds:

Alright, gonna try and give the illusion that she has a neck. Will update later. Thanks for your review.

The guys eyes.....

Why are they upward? Oh well, that guy got his ass kicked good.

AlvinHew responds:

Yes he did. =)