Reviews for "I was on the Throne"

what's up with the zalgo text?

Very Trippy even without being stoned or whatever. Very different I'll say that, makes me if the internet itself is like that.

If this was 10 times longer and with a larger scope I can see as a big hit on steam.

wow, a VERY interesting game, with some VERY surreal and insane graphics and sounds.
as for the puzzles, those were the hardest/craziest!
killing the blue animal(?) on the start of the level was easy after a few seconds of concentration, but the music tape puzzle and the squares on the TV screens puzzle were the hardest ones, i think.
good game, i beat it on my first try, on some parts it was easy, on others it was hard, but i liked the crazy story all the same.
also your game description is quite surreal, fitting with the game's strange story/action....
overall a great game, and i would love to see a sequel/more like this.

i cant play this game because the goddamned mouse scrolling thingy doesnt work properly