Reviews for "I was on the Throne"

So confuzzled on the little light puzzle next to the door.

This was great, I really loved the art and the sound. The puzzles were great, I wouldn't have passed the first one if someone hadn't hinted at it XD Damn. But thank you, man :P
Looking forward for more games like this~

Only had a little bit of trouble with some of the puzzles. Other then that it was pretty fun.

how do you get past the 2nd level

This was rather odd. But a good kind of odd.
The faint music and sound effects added a lot to the atmosphere, but it was so short! My only complaint really is its length. The atmosphere was perfect, the art and sound were really nice, but it could be even just a tiny bit longer, maybe with a story of sorts, even if it were a vague one.
But overall, really nice game!