Reviews for "I was on the Throne"

Very interesting game, amazing art style. Some of the puzzles were quite fun, keep it up mate.

Requires too much skill, too hard but still a well made game

Really cool, really weird game. No complaints. Love it.

It could be my fault to don't understand the initial otherworld terminal and the final medal-related puzzle, but I won twice, so here we have some issues.
1. Bruteforcing shouldn't lead to victory just like that, in the rest of the game, an incorrect answer leads us to start over.
2. A piece of onix floating over a cobweb should make a little more sense. The only face I could recognize were triangles, and I don't quite connect what I'm seeing with what I'm doing and of course, I don't see what I'm supposed to be doing.

Still a nice game, but mysteriously offended by that last puzzle.

An insanely arcane Myst-like game for sure. Except the difference is I could always at least progress somewhat in the Myst games before getting stuck. I'm just stuck at that intro picture you currently see on the Newgrounds front page.

I can go left or right in the woods, I can approach the pink station, and I can click the little weird guy in the right of the woods. Nothing else appears interactive. I'm assuming this is an entirely one button mouse click game? I'll also just assume it's just incredibly arcane rather than impossible as it seems others have been able to do it I guess.

So yeah literally stuck right at the start. I do hope it's a case of it's just really tricky and not that there's some control scheme I'm unaware of or that it's literally not possible on some computers (for some reason).