Reviews for "I was on the Throne"

Not impressed. Click random things with no logic or sense until more random things with no logic or sense happen. This is why we shouldn't give hipsters computers, they make trash like this.

So I basically murdered two people in the space-woods?

One guy was... I dunno, some kinda living generator? The other, well, he was on the throne. Was. I guess my four-dimensional sword cleaved him in twain?

Aside from the general feeling that being confused was the intended effect... It was enjoyable.

But it needs a seizure warning. Some folks are reeeaal sensitive...

Awesome! Played twice!

Artstyle is awesome and everything else!
I hope there are games like this , because I want play more :D

Amazing game, really puts your mind to the test on how you think and observe situations. I found a bug with the reel puzzle though, that after you solve the next puzzle (Avoiding spoilers), clicking the reel button over and over again freezes you on the reel puzzle.