Reviews for "I was on the Throne"

I like the color of forest. this game is little bit confusing and the sound at the beginning really makes me mad.

Nice graphic, sound, and idea. However, it would have been nice to know what the fuck was going on.

Nice shout out to the Wacom Intuos. I have one and those things are great!

great game, good combination of different sounds and animation and just damn right craziness

Ps i came here from nerdcubed, who else did???

Well I have to say that normally I don't like graphic adventures, but this one was different, too few text and too much puzzles, I mean is not funny when you have to click on all the screen to find the next damn key or walk all visited rooms to find a tiny mushroom in the middle of nowhere, but in this case everything was on the screen and the game was so abstract, Is like the game said "a puzzle, a creepy looking alien, good luck".