Reviews for "I was on the Throne"

Wow.. This was a point and click for the senses.. Puzzles were challenging and the graphics and sounds were great. I honestly had a hard time but I'm glad I stuck it out.. Definitely an interesting game, I don't know what's going on mostly , I kind of have a grasp but just whaaaat ? lol Great game looking forward to more. .

I mean there is a few bugs with the game that are not implemented. Like I right click the screen and the game froze and during the first puzzle I exited and the game was stuck in the zoom mode and kept scrolling sideways with normall features then black forever.

It's very Vynil, got a little creeped out, loved the ending, you used Zalgofied Text on your Info using eeemo.net (*gasp* SHE KNOWS) & it's just Epic! Nice job :)

Ok. so I got to the music box, completed the puzzle and it froze? But besides that the sound design is brilliant and the art style is amazing.

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