Reviews for "Video Game: The Game"

Most amazing game ever...

I get that it's a parody but it's not funny and isn't even a game. Ah, the weekly creator, it's such a step down from at least trying to innovate.

I don't understand the purpose of intentionally creating content epileptics can't watch. Even if I can view it without problems, I don't know anyone who would sit back and just watch it.

daaamn, this game is such a game!! xDD
would've loved if it would've been a lil' bit longer though :P

lol best game ever 10/10

i always find it odd when I hear "I like your hat" in something other than C&H. Why would you use something iconic? Throws off you style. I know it fits an all but it lacks originality. As a game it was obviously a joke. As a joke it was...already done. Sorry. :/