Reviews for "Video Game: The Game"

Yes, okay, I know, a lot of computer games are really boring and unimaginative and easy to poke fun at... but that's an easy target, guys, like shooting fish in a barrel. Could you have done no better than this effort?

No replay value, to be honest no play value full stop (it's a video really not a game).

Half a star because I feel your pain and somewhat enjoyed the humor.

GuyUngerNL responds:

I find it hard to empathize with your comment since I've never even tried shooting fish in a barrel


1 star because it was kind of funny.

-4 for wanting anything to do with Pewdiepie.

GuyUngerNL responds:

you're just jealous cause pewds can get more girls than you

This is not a game. Simply adding a couple of clicks and the ability to turn the character around a couple of times does not a game make. This would've made a hilarious video, and it summarizes most adventure games quite well. But, again, -not- a game!

Re-submit this as a video, and you'll get 5 stars, as it was creative and very enjoyable to watch. Honestly, it seemed like a trailer for an actual game, and had it been that, I would'be played/bought said game! But.. It wasn't. Try again.

GuyUngerNL responds:

A big part of the trick of this "game" is to make the player feel sort of helpless and confused by everything that's going around. They want to play it as a game but all the game does is show you ridiculous stuff and shout at you without you having much to do about it.
If it was categorized as a video, this whole effect wouldn't work

This is basically Duke Nukem in a nutshell...

It was awesome, though. And, thank you for the warning.