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Reviews for "Pass The Gravy"

Wow sure have been a lot of collabs this year. More so then usual and I'm liking them all. Cant wait to see what else is there. Also happy thanksgiving!

How the hell this random smegma was pasted into a semi-coherent plot is beyond me.

what a nice collab! once again, you did a great work, guys!
im very happy to see one of my suggestions in the portal, and im always proud to be a part of the projects, no matter if they are big collabs, or small projects.

the animation was great, and there were many funny parts in this.
i loved every part in this, but my favorites must have been: pop-tart's part, phantom cat's part, patriot's, ankh's, rubberbilbo's, renegades (ofcourse), and melloyello's part. (epic as well).

there were MANY good parts and funny moments/many good jokes in this collab, and i really liked as well the work of peen-clock, which was surreal, and interesting to watch, with a good follow-up by rubberbilbo. also, the greatest surprise to me, was caramel apple's part as well, which tied-up well with the rest of the parts, and gave an interesting element of humour+storyline going on in the general climate of the movie...

great work, caramel apple! i loved your part, and the introduction of pineberry clock, strawberry clock's nemesis.

overall, this was a great collab, and a wonderful project, making all the right movements, and it was full of good animation, great humour, and with many many awesome moments.
do more, guys!
happy thanksgiving.

Absolutely incredible, I award it five ten-gallon barrels of industrial grade smegma out of five.

Truely MiraclefruitClock's ending was the grandest of finales this side of newgrounds has ever seen.