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Reviews for "Pass The Gravy"

Gravy, Looney Tunes, an El Camino, this is everything I could've hoped for in a Thanksgiving cartoon.

Collabs go good with gravy.

what a nice collab! once again, you did a great work, guys!
im very happy to see one of my suggestions in the portal, and im always proud to be a part of the projects, no matter if they are big collabs, or small projects.

the animation was great, and there were many funny parts in this.
i loved every part in this, but my favorites must have been: pop-tart's part, phantom cat's part, patriot's, ankh's, rubberbilbo's, renegades (ofcourse), and melloyello's part. (epic as well).

there were MANY good parts and funny moments/many good jokes in this collab, and i really liked as well the work of peen-clock, which was surreal, and interesting to watch, with a good follow-up by rubberbilbo. also, the greatest surprise to me, was caramel apple's part as well, which tied-up well with the rest of the parts, and gave an interesting element of humour+storyline going on in the general climate of the movie...

great work, caramel apple! i loved your part, and the introduction of pineberry clock, strawberry clock's nemesis.

overall, this was a great collab, and a wonderful project, making all the right movements, and it was full of good animation, great humour, and with many many awesome moments.
do more, guys!
happy thanksgiving.

Finally, I can now soak in the glorious gravy. Thanks for passing!

How the hell this random smegma was pasted into a semi-coherent plot is beyond me.